To EMS from the OMH Trauma Service:

As a State of MIchigan designated Level IV Trauma Center, MHC OMH remains committed to providing service excellence to trauma patients within the MCA.  An integral part of that service excellence is our partnership with EMS and our mutual dedication to out patients.

Through the trauma registry, feedback from other facilities and performance improvement committees, the MVA would like to share the following

  • The OMH Trauma Registry has over 3,000 entries.
  • The average "on scene" time for agencies bringing trauma patients to OMH is 17.6 minutes.
  • The biggest challenge to completing trauma registry entries is incomplete documentation of the EMS run report or the timeliness in receiving the report.
  • Total fluid intake would be very helpful documented in the run sheet and during the hand-off report to ED staff.
  • Documentation of GCS is imperative.

Trauma Alert Activation

Timely reporting of alert activation criteria in the field is essential to have the necessary resources available upon patient arrival.  All pre-hospital providers are encouraged to report activation criteria as soon as possible.  EMS providers are also encouraged to auto-launch air ambulance service when needed.

OMH Trauma Alert Activation Criteria